EASTREME is a design firm established in 2003 with headquarters in Guangdong, China. Since inception, we at EASTREME have grown into an excellent design brand recognized as one of China’s top ten excellent design firms, China’s leading industrial design powerhouse and a green design firm in the world. With a team of over 140 full-time designers, we have accomplished and delivered more than 2000 design projects, and garnered over 120 awards in design. At EASTREME, we offer one-stop solution service covering brand strategy and delivery of final products ready-for- sale. We take pride in becoming a large-scale and professional design firm in China. 


At Eastreme, we have advantage in product planning, philosophy on core product, strategy for eye-catching design, product development and sight on service solutions, and are always ready to give you a cutting edge products over your competitors based on our power of excellent research and insight into market and customers.


At Eastreme, where the ideas of communication integrated with stereovision brand, we help you lift your power of communication in offline brand promotion activities, where the ideas of marketing strategy and analysis on accurate media coverage converged, we enable you to build online marketing and spreading power at the core with visional sight on innovation and design contents.


At Eastreme, we help you lift your power of marketing by empowering you with sales service blocks including terminal store portal display, commercial space design, sales-promotion-material design, E-commerce web page planning and high-end shared cloud live-stream sales.